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We combine experience and innovative solutions to provide a protective edge. We are professionals, we are specialist, and we are all about you!


We are here to serve and protect. We hear you, we see you. Listen is imperative to understand your security needs, and we’re with you before, during, and after the event.

How you Benefit from our Expertise

Our officers are experienced Security Professionals, former Military or Law Enforcement, or professionals. How does that translate to you as a client? It means that we are professionals in our training and ethics.

We understand how to perform our job to the highest standards available. Our ability to handle any situation is unmatched by any other security agency.

Your personnel, assets, and infrastructure are safe with us so you can focus on what is important to you. How? With attention to detail, the ability to identify, analyze, and disable threats.

Viking Tactical Security Group is a Minority owned and Texas based full service private security firm.

Your goal is to protect your assets - our mission is to serve you and ensure your safety.

We provide professional security solutions - specifically tailored to your needs.

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